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Rik Coeckelbergs

The Banking Scene
Managing Director

Rik Coeckelbergs is the founder of The Banking Scene, a network organisation for bankers. It inspires bankers during their journey to transforming the sector into a more their mission is to accelerate networking. They do this by offering an essential platform that connects banking professionals. One that sparks thought-provoking dialogues, both online and offline.

In response to the pandemic, he set up The Banking Scene Afterwork, a weekly virtual round table that gathers like-minded people to discuss everything related to banking and payments. Each week they invite a new special guest to talk about the future of banking and how banking contributes to a better world for human and society. Acclaimed executives from all over the world sat together, focusing on what really matters in banking.

Prior to his current position, he held several positions in banks and retailers both in marketing, finance and strategy departments.

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